Preterm birth

 A Pregnancy normally lasts for 40 weeks. A birth that occurs before 37th week of pregnancy is said to be preterm birth. As suggested by experts  it is  most substantial reason for the neonatal morbidity and mortality. According to CDC research preterm births decreased from 2007 to 2014 and gave a drastic growth at 2019. A baby which is developing goes through an important stage of pregnancy where it involves the development of organs such as liver, kindney, brain and it requires the final week of pregnancy to be fully developed. Premature babies are said to have higher rates of death before 1 year and disability. Poor nutrition before and during pregnancy, Infections such as urinary tract and amniotic membrane infections, vaginal bleeding, smoking ,driking and using illegal drugs during pregnancy are some causes  for preterm birth. There are sveral programs in the word are working earnestly inorder to prevent the preterm birth one among them are CDC. Several scientists from this organization are collaborating with many researchers and department in order to prevent this preterm birth

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